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Q1: How to become a member of goodarcadegames.com?

Ans: Click the register button and fill your information and submit. A verification link will be send to your email.Click that link and login. OR

Simply login with your facebook account.

Q2:How i get points?

Ans: 1 points for playing a game

 3 points for rating a games

 5 points for commenting on a games

 10 points for sending report of broken game link or comments. (Points will be given after admin approval)

 15 points for referring a user  

Q3:How to refer a new member?

Ans: You will find a link below the social icons on each game page to refer your friends.

The link will look like this

Your unique referral url:


Q4: How i edit profile or upload avatar?

Ans: Go to your profile( link is in upper right corner) then click 'edit your profile'.

Q5: Can i submit a game?

Ans: Yes, if u have a nice game submit it. For submitting game click 'submit game' and fill the form and send.Our staff will review it and add it as soon as possible.

Q6: How to become arcade champion?

Ans: Member with the highest points is given the title of arcade champion.

Q7: How to save scores?

Ans: The games which have a trophy icon are highscore games. To save highscore login with mochi account and submit your score.